The film productions of Werner Vitztum have to act a lot with creativity, imagination and visions. This knowledge leds to unique and distinctive productions and presentations. And this is rewarded:
* 1st place in the category commercial films with the biggest "National Prize" in marketing, communication and design.
* Overall winner in all categories with the biggest "National Prize".
* Silver Screen Award in the international film and video-festival in Los Angeles, USA.
* Golden award in "Innovations Prize" for the best procedure for the transference of videos on the Internet - from Podcast through television quality to HDTV.

Principal item of all of our products is the film, starting from TV-spot, via corporate movies, documentations to events and theme parks. This we achieve for you:
* A well done story, unique and distinctive.
* Best technics from shooting, workflow to presentation.
* Outputting and distribution in ALL MEDIAS and with ALL TYPES OF TECHNICS.
* Workflow and communication with the fastest media database in the world.
This we do for you with enthusiasm and safety of 28 years of success.


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