HDTV is the answer to many wishes. The highest image quality, excellent in movement representation ,colors, playout for TV, DVD, cinema and internet for a very reasonable price. HDTV is almost virtually 16 or 35mm of film, often, nevertheless, the better choice if it concerns the "right" HDTV and the "right" woman/man behind the camera.
But... HDTV is not the same as HD-TV. There are huge differences here which are extremely important for you as a principal although it goes from sensational to unbeatable.

It is about your film, your image, your product and ... with your money.

Here you will find the most important information which you should have around for a good decision to hit.

>> Filmproduction


Oskar by Ratiotherm

GPixS360 - 360° Video


The production "Alpenstoff" material was started in SD (standard definition = "television quality"). During the production the principal decided on an Upgrade to HDTV. With it he was optimally prepared for all reproduction formats and thus a film advertisement could be cut later to fit for a Cine Spot.
Idea, concepts, screenplay and technically excellent HDTV production has brought us national and international awards in gold and silver for this film.

link zu AlpenstoffSD2.f4v

Redtenbacher - The fine Art of Precision:

Redtenbacher is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers for glasses parts. The film production was made up of two parts. An emotional film was produced outside in the exhibition stand where it is presented. Purposes and qualities of the products and the enterprise are visualize with top-class sports presentation.
The fair-image film is presented in the exhibition stand inside and shows the manufacturing of the glasses parts. With the help of a quite unusual light guidance and camera work, the metal and manufacturing processing are visualized aesthetically and nearly "erotically".


Dubai " planet of Mozart " was looked as the base of the multimedia opera. The idea was to present the concept of the financially sovereign society of Dubai. The victory celebration of the "Maktoum Sail Cups" was chosen as the ideal occasion.
This film is an inspiring combination of high tech sailing and Arabic tradition. Wind, plays and victories are the common denominators of the " Maktoum Sailing Cups" and of the "Planet Mozart".



ISOCELL is a thermal insulation material made from cellulose fibres that are produced from newspapers in an optimum recycling process. The basic material used for ISOCELL is therefore wood with its excellent natural advantages that have been known for thousands of years.

Pic: Isocell

HDTV film production

Idea, Concept and Storyboard

Preproduction, the productions preparation

The next step is the production preparation. The technical equipment are engaged with specialist and is tuned to the circumstances of the trick and optimization. Concept lists are provided which settings must be turned and to which place actually to produce then on the site . The timely planned concept is formed, when actors and extras are prepare, when machines are engaged, when the 3D animation is fulfilled, when the sun gives the right light and what becomes in the morning and the afternoon are shooted.

If special equipment is necessary like camera cranes, helicopters, Dolly, SteadyCam, special objectives and special lighting, underwater cameras, or protective equipment for the camera(against dust), water, chemistry or dirt shall form in general. Are actors or a presenter required for an interview? Texts are written and rehearsed. Not to forget the shooting and driving approvals and the weather report.

Production, Photography

Then the main shooting is starting, while all scenes are prepared for filming. For a small production this can last for one day, or can last for a whole year for a big production.

Post production

Post production: Mostly one describes as film productions into English language. Indeed, many of this word were translated, but in the absence of use of these words they have disappeared from the Film language again or present confusion because there are new and old different translation. Thus the English remains in the (professional) film production as the better for everything.

The first step is the "Ingest", or the "acquisition". Now the exist of "logging" and "capturing". The modified scenes are loaded with special video hard and software in the Video workstation(s). Same counts as to the graphic arts, texts, 2D and 3D animation.
We talk here not about the "computer" but it is all about the video hardware and the work flow especially for HDTV in high final quality and the huge hardware supporting arithmetic achievement is necessary. Also it is not stored on a "normal" hard disk but on special "video raids" with a data flow rate put from more than 600mbit only and thus the hard disk is more than 10 times bigger and secure compared to a "normal" computer.

Now the films are categorized and stored in the data bank.This film data bank is a development of AVC STUDIOS and with it we differ substantially from the competition.The advantage of our data bank is the good overview about the taken up material for our customers, quick finding and comparisons of single scenes as well as the direct teamwork of the data bank, word processing (Word, Open office) and secure direct personal access through internet and email. Whether it is from the scenes of your own concept or from our footage archive this plays no rolls.

Now follows the "Editing" of the material according to the screenplay. A color grading of the single film clips is carried out, for instance, the blue sky always the same blue as it has even if it lies between the admission time of film clips lined up one after the other for more hours or days.This rough editing puts under with the primary setting.The revised working texts are spoken of layout speakers and are inserted into the film.

High-end final productions are added with special effects like color grading, compositing, matte painting, etc.

The next steps are: Graphic arts, logos, titles and credits.

Then the final soundtrack is arranged or will be composed.
The working text is developed to the speech text and is spoken by a professional speaker, recorded and synchronized.
When required it can be also be synchronized to other languages.
The end of the post production is the "Finishing" in which the whole project is finished and is presented to the client.


For awhile the film is ready, but not yet distributed.
How can it be released to the public?

TV transmission, DVD, HD DVD or BD., event, info center, cinema or web TV (IPTV) on the Internet. Europe, the USA or Japan, PAL or NTSC. Progressively or Interlaced. Dolby Digitally ® or DTS ®.
All mentioned possibilities for the publication needed is formed specially in each case of the video and the tone if the reproduction should occur in the highest quality.We offer you the highest production-quality all possibilities of the distribution or the playouts.


Then the film production is completed!

Color Correction and Grading

Today color correction may be absent in no more good production. For a not so good production, the color correction may be absent within . With this working step becomes ex. color faults correction, the white comparison and the contrast conformity. In high final productions the color grading is used in addition. Here very subtle color corrections are carried out. These prove the quite special "look" one production should have. Emotions are especially influenced consciously with this technology. In this area not only the highest graphic ability plays an important role, but also the psychology and the knowledge as the subconsciousness of the viewer is to be appealed. Hence, we use this technology with high final productions. (See Alpine material, Mactoum, Redtenbacher, among other things)

The following examples explain the difference of correction and Grading and the huge use of Grading for your production.



1) Original, un-corrected, slightly too dark and a bit too much blue


2) color corrected, blue reduced, density corrected (color correction)


3) Color grading: The yellow on the wings was turned slightly into red and the luminosity increased, the green in the background was brightened.
This image correlates, unlike the original image on the far top, with the emotional "memory" of the moment.


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2) Original


2) Tension is created through black and white grading and the fractional coloring.
Addittionally, the contrast was matched to match old black and white photographs.
The copper of the brewing boiler was graded to look more like copper.


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1) Original


2) Tension is created through black and white grading and the fractional coloring.
Addittionally, the contrast was matched to match old black and white photographs.
The copper of the brewing boiler was graded to look more like copper.


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