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Applications of Web-TV:
- High-quality video on your homepage
- Dramatic cost reduction and quality improvement compared to DVD
- Corporate TV on the Internet: Image films, reports, manuals, etc.
- A significant quality improvement for YouTube

Video on the Internet is increasingly becoming a substitute for "television". Ten years ago the media was still distributed at about 90% on classic TV and and 10% over the Internet and game consoles. The media landscape today looks very different. 2010 the usage of television is only app. 35% of total electronic media consumption (strong differences in age of the users), game consoles participate with 10%. The share in media consumption of the internet today already increased to 55% and the trend continues upward. Initially internet-videos only could be distributed in the size of a postage stamp. Today some applications are showing fullscreen video up to HDTV and also IPTV is an IP based high-quality videoapplication.
2006 we have been honored with the Innovation Award in Gold for our StreamTV encoding, which made the encoding of video up to 50% more efficient. Today the method is more efficient, so that we can reach geographically areas that are only supplied with low bandwith internet.
Our encoding also improves video quality dramatically in Youtube at the given bandwidth. Our encoding 360P usually equals the quality of 720p HD of the YouTube encoding without jerking.

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